Equip Your Building With Durable Roof

Equip Your Building With Durable Roof

We specialize in sheet metal fabrication in Salado, TX

To install a top-quality metal roof, you need durable sheets of metal that fit your building perfectly. Unfortunately, the market tends to only have pre-made sheet metal available. That's where we come in.

At FSR LLC, we provide sheet metal fabrication services that are customized to your structure. We use our specialty machines to cut and bend the metal to the measurements of your home or business. That way, you're less likely to deal with frustrating roofing issues, like leaks.

Hire a roofing contractor in Salado, TX to create the sheet metal you need for your roof. Email us today to get started.

Trust a company with 40+ years of roofing experience

If you need sheet metal fabrication services for your metal roofing project, trust an experienced contractor with the job. For 40 years, we've provided roofing repair and installation services for clients in and around Salado, TX. We can make sure your roof is in tiptop shape.

Call today to learn more about our sheet metal fabrication and roofing services.